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The Stewards of Tomorrow Scholarship Initiative

At UP Proteins, we believe society must shift from exploiting the Earth to acting as its steward. We envision a future where humans help — not hurt — the planet we share with other species. We know this is a monumental task, one that will require creative innovation and mindful choices. We also know that talented, ambitious leaders are needed to help bring about this future.  

This vision of a healthier planet motivated us to create our specially formulated insect-based products. By incorporating insects as cooking ingredients, we’re empowering our customers to lessen their impact on the land, its resources, and our climate. But we’re not stopping there.

With a portion of the proceeds gained from our sales, we’re proud to offer The Stewards of Tomorrow Scholarship, an initiative that will support education for the environmental leaders of tomorrow.

The Stewards of Tomorrow Scholarship is open to all graduating high school seniors in Southern Nevada and Southern California planning to enroll in a degree in environmental science, environmental engineering, or a related environmental field. Through this initiative, we plan to enable young leaders to obtain the skills they need to usher in a more environmentally-conscious society.

If you’re an aspiring environmental leader with a desire to address issues such as climate change, sustainability, or conservation, we’d love to hear from you!

To apply, please completed the application below

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