7 nutrients that fuel your workouts, support muscle growth, and speed recovery

Building and maintaining strong muscle is about so much more than protein (although, that’s great too). UP Proteins’ powerhouse nutrient lineup helps reduce muscle fatigue, aid in muscle recovery, and support proper muscle contraction.

Muscle isn’t built with protein alone. Fortunately, UP Proteins isn’t your ordinary powder—yes, it’s loaded with plenty of plant-based protein, but also 26 essential vitamins and minerals, 8 antioxidant-rich fruits, 17 greens and veggies, and a host of other micronutrients to fuel your workouts, build muscle efficiently, and aid in recovery. Check out our muscle-building line up:

See The Top 7 Muscle Supporting Nutrients In UP Proteins


builds new muscle

Let’s start with the basics: you’re not going to build muscle nearly as efficiently if your diet lacks protein. When we consume protein-rich foods, our bodies break that protein down into individual amino acids, which are then used to build our own muscle via a process called muscle protein synthesis (MPS). For optimal MPS, many experts recommend spreading out your protein intake throughout the day, consuming around 20-30 grams of protein per meal. One serving of UP Proteins contains 25 grams of protein from sources such as pea protein, whole grain brown rice, sacha inchi, amaranth, and quinoa.


provides muscles with oxygen

Not only does iron help produce hemoglobin, a protein that allows red blood cells to carry oxygen all over the body, it’s also needed to form myoglobin-a protein found in skeletal muscle cells. Essentially, myoglobin serves as a local oxygen “reservoir,” providing oxygen to muscles during periods of intense workouts when blood oxygen delivery isn’t sufficient. Low levels of ferritin (your body’s stored form of iron) have also been associated with muscle weakness. UP Proteins contains 31-42% of your daily iron needs from plant-based sources such as spinach, chlorella, chia seeds, amaranth, and oats.


supports muscle contraction + hydration

Electrolytes are a class of minerals that include magnesium, potassium, sodium, calcium, chloride, and phosphate-and they’re needed to perform a range of vital bodily functions, including keeping you hydrated and maintaining proper nerve and muscle functioning. For example, calcium and magnesium are essential for proper muscle contraction (and thus muscle building), and sodium plays a vital role in maintaining proper fluid balance in the body. Working out vigorously in hot weather can cause you to sweat out electrolytes, making it important to replenish your levels. UP Proteins contains a balance of all the electrolyte minerals.

Vitamin E:

supports muscle repair + maintenance

When you work out, your muscles experience small micro tears that your body then heals by sending blood and the appropriate nutrients to the area. One such nutrient is vitamin E, which has antioxidant properties. Low levels of vitamin E have long been associated with muscle wasting and frailty, and research suggests that vitamin E works its magic by repairing damaged muscle cell membranes and combating the oxidative damage that results from burning more oxygen during vigorous physical activity. Ingredients in UP Proteins such as flaxseeds and sacha inchi are high in vitamin E, and one serving contains 67% of your daily vitamin E needs.

Vitamin C:

soothes post-workout soreness

Vitamin C functions as an antioxidant, and like vitamin E, it plays an important role in muscle repair and recovery. Research has found that supplementing with vitamin C before a workout can reduce muscle soreness and decrease oxidative stress in the body. Additionally, 1-10% of muscle tissue and 60% of the cartilage in your joints is composed of the structural protein collagen, which vitamin C plays a key role in synthesizing. Ingredients in UP Proteins such as acai berry, blackberries, spinach, and broccoli are high in vitamin C, and one serving of UP Proteins contains 33% of your daily vitamin C needs.

Vitamin D:

combats muscle fatigue + regulates testosterone

Vitamin D deficiency is fairly common, and low levels have been associated with muscle fatigue and having a higher body fat percentage. The good news: Restoring healthy levels of this vitamin can improve muscle functioning and efficiency. Maintaining healthy vitamin D levels can also help ensure adequate production of testosterone, a hormone that has long been known to help stimulate muscle protein synthesis. While vitamin D is often difficult to find from plant-based dietary sources, UP Proteins contains 25% of your daily needs.


combats muscle fatigue

Magnesium is an essential mineral that plays a role in more than 300 biochemical reactions, including in the production and utilization of ATP-a molecule used to store energy and drive many cellular processes in the body. Research suggests that increasing magnesium intake may be beneficial for combating muscle fatigue during exercise, possibly due to reduced lactate accumulation in muscles. Other preliminary studies suggest magnesium may help increase muscle strength. Ingredients in UP Proteins such as kale, spinach, and cocoa contain magnesium, and one serving of UP Proteins packs 48-69% of your daily needs.

Support Your Muscle Growth, Workouts & Recovery

Here’s a few of the ingredients in UP Proteins with nutrients that support your muscle

Maca Root
Maca Root
Sacha Inchi
Sacha Inchi
Organic Quinoa
Organic Quinoa
Camu Camu Berry
Camu Camu Berry

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