How Insect Protein Is Better Than Animal Protein

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How we’ll overcome the “ick” factor in crickets
Some people might never get over the ‘ick factor’ but there are many others who don’t mind eating insects. People are becoming more aware of the nutritional and environmental benefits of insects, which opens up the possibility to include them in their diets.


With more research pointing to the potential health and environmental benefits of Orthoptera, sports and fitness enthusiasts might embrace this ingredient for the many benefits they seek.


Promotion of muscle growth
To be absorbed into the body and used for muscle protein synthesis (MPS), or muscle growth, proteins must first be broken down into their building blocks. A protein must have a complete amino-acid profile in order to trigger MPS. 


It is also important to consider how fast the protein is broken down in the small intestine, which is the main site where amino acids can be absorbed. High quality proteins, like Orthoptera, are more absorbable, which promotes MPS earlier. For this reason, fitness and health enthusiasts may be one of the keys in our society overcoming the ick factor.


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